21st Century Fox’s interest in Augmented Reality

Numerous large companies have begun to invest in the virtual and augmented reality markets including FaceBook’s loud acquisition of the Oculus Rift company. However 21st Century Fox are one of the first (and hopefully not last) entertainment / media groups to invest seriously in the augmented reality sector. So what have the creators of X-Men, Avatar and Alien invested in I hear you ask?  Well they have bought a stake in the Osterhout Design Group. ODG are one of the leaders in augmented tech having created the R-7 glasses that do not need any external computing displays to work. This partnership basically marries up 21st Century’s content with the augmented reality smart glass that ODG create.

ODG gogglesThe chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox Film, Jim Gianopulos (21st Century Fox’s CEO) said “Our agreement with ODG underscores the innovation we are bringing to market through our Fox Innovation Lab … we look forward to partnering with ODG … pushing the film experience into the future with its high-definition, cinema-wide field of view technology.”

Here at TheRealitySandwich we think this is great news as it will not only increase the PR around virtual and augmented realities but will also fast-track focus on the production and of great new innovations. Here’s looking forward to more interesting reality investments in 2016.