80s retro gifts

Of course we’re a fan of virtual reality but we’re also big advocates of the days-gone-by i.e. RETRO. So when we came across Time Junkies and all their great collections of 80s and 90s collectibles we had to write an article.

What Time Junkies do is genius. They take authentic items from your chosen decade i.e. 80s and then create mystery gift boxes containing a range of items. There are pieces including retro comics, trading cards, records, and toys. We think their moment of genius is filling up a VHS full of retro sweets; no one has a VHS player now anyway!

80s gift time junkiesRetro gift ideas

So if you’re looking for inspiration for gift ideas to get a friend or family into their nostalgia then Time Junkies is definitely a site to check out. We highly recommend their 80s gift ideas featuring cheesy 80s music and iconic films. Each 80s Time Box can be tailored to either a girl or guy to make it even more relevant.

Although they are focusing on collectibles from the lastest decades they do tell us that the 60s and 70s will be available soon too.