A look at Virtuix Omni

virtuix omni logoVirtuix Omni is everything we’ve ever asked for when it comes to virtual gaming. They have spent the last couple of years (and over $8 million in funding) helping to perfect total Active VR – which to us is next gen gaming. So what’s all the hype about you ask? Well let’s explain why Virtuix is special. The system is the world first omni-directional motion platform for active reality i.e. one where your movements in the real world are transmitted to actual movement in the virtual one. There are no moving parts with the Virtuix so it will be fairly easy to set up and install. Sure sitting on a coach with a headset is great fun but if you’re physically running from a pack of zombies or ducking to avoid a death laser is what’s it’s all about. Basically when it comes to movement there is literally no restraints.

Is Virtuix Omni any good?

The technology involved in getting the Omni off the ground is particularly impressive. It uses low-friction, concave platform to ensure that movements are smooth and realistic. It has been designed with safety in mind so there is a strengthens support ring attached to a harness so you’ll feel like you’re running around a battle field but in fact are strapped in.

If you now partner up a Virtuix Omni with an Oculus Rift you’ll be in gaming heaven. Of course this will be an extremely pricey piece of kit but will it be worth it? Well these reviewers seem to think so “Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the future of gaming” – Road To VR. “Impressive and probably the single best reason to ever play Skyrim without fast travel” – Kotak. The great thing with Omni Virtuix is that it can also be used for a number of different applications other than gaming such as fitness, tourism and music sectors.

We recommend you check out the Omni Virtuix site for all the latest developments and updates. Check out the virtual reality Grand Theft Auto trailer below.