The Reality Sandwich is one of the UK’s leading virtual and augmented reality resources … but why was it created?

Well as kids growing up in London in the Eighties we were obsessed by anything 3D; whether it was donning a nifty pair of blue/ red 3D specs whilst reading a Marvel comic, spending hours on the latest Tomytronic game or getting a headache from the Magic Eye posters  we simply wanted to immerse ourselves in an artificial world. Then it was brought to a climax when on one summer at Universal Studios the chief editor James watched his first ever 3D film (Terminator) – “stunning, couldn’t believe my eyes. From then on I was hooked on all things virtual reality”.

So over the last few years virtual reality, and more recently augmented reality, have begun to pick up pace. Companies now see there are great gaming, entertainment (and advertising) opportunities with this genre than there ever were and as such are investing big bucks into making it work. Yes, 3D TVs came in a flourish but lost traction with consumers but since then mobile has dominated and app developers have now caught on, creating simply stunning virtual reality games and environments … and the best part is they’re mostly free. Not only that, big tech giants like Samsung and Apple are getting involved spending millions on bringing virtual reality to the mass market.

So with all the buzz and noise around artificial realities ‘The Reality Sandwich’ was born created by some real VR nerds. Why the name? Well let’s face it, who doesn’t like a sandwich and doesn’t enjoy playing around in a different reality. Keep a regular eye on the site (ideally by following on Twitter) and look forward to all the latest news, reviews from the world of virtual and augmented reality.

Thanks and enjoy.