Air Hockey VR – review

air hockey vrAir Hockey has always been the recreational activity of the large arcade centre or bowling alley … unless you were the posh kid with their own table. However thanks to developers Trioxin245 Software (created a number of decent VR games) you can now play air hockey from the comfort of your bedroom, kitchen etc as AIR HOCKEY VR has been released.

Virtual reality air hockey

The concept of the game is fairly straightforward. When you strap on your headset and start up the app you find yourself in a swanky pad over looking a mountaintop and in the centre of your view is the aforementioned air hockey table. How do I control it? Well thankfully the developer has given you a couple of options to choose from 1) Use your VR headset to track the paddle (the game is compatible with most VR headsets) or 2) Use a separate controller. The precision of the movements in Air Hockey VR is pretty impressive and after a few frantic rounds you’ll feel like you’re actually having a fast-paced game of air hockey.

Overall this is good fun and great VR game to showcase to your friends. The main downside is the lack of multi-player functionality, you only get to battle against an AI opponent (albeit one who has various difficulty settings). Air Hockey VR is now available to download on both the App Store and Google Play. Check out the trailer below or click on visit Trioxin245.

4 stars



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