Albino Lullaby VR – review

Albino Lullaby is a game we’ve been waiting to launch for the Oculus Rift and we’re pleased to see its finally arrived. Its an odd sounding game title however it matches perfectly with the surreal content of the game itself. Albino Lullaby truly is one of the creepiest games around that takes your nerves and washes them in a bucket of ice water – you’re albino lullabyconstantly going to be on edge … and sheepishly glimpsing out the VR headset for some signs of sanity.

Developed by Ape Law, Albino Lullaby is a survival horror adventure game originally created for the PC and is now available as a virtual reality game experience. You’re basically stuck in psychotic nightmare where its your goal to try and escape from a creepy and disturbing Victorian village by solving various clues and avoiding nasty looking ‘Grandchildren’. However unlike other horror games Albino Lullaby keeps distorting reality so your brain is constantly trying to work out what’s real and what’s not.

Albino Lullaby gameplay

The game has been creating using the Unreal Engine 4 to bring to life the various scenes from the old mansion to the town. Although the graphics look cartoony/ scratchy almost, they work well with the overall uneasiness that the game tries to create. The soundtrack is also fantastic and works to enhance the overall surreal nature of the game; building up to a crescendo when you’re about to face your doom.  The game play is also spot on as this is one of the hardest VR horror games to complete (arguably a bit too hard) but that just adds to the challenge. Albino Lullaby has been designed to come out in three episodes; episode 1 came out in Sept 2015, episode 2 is meant to be released this year and episode 3 is still TBC.

If you like your horror slightly twisted, reminisce about Beetlejuice and enjoy the atmosphere of BioShock then Albino Lullalby is a no brainer for you.

Download this game from STEAM – alternatively check out the developers site.

4 stars