Alice VR – great new sci fi game

alice vr oculusALICE VR is one of the most hotly anticipated VR games for Oculus. There has been much hype about this game for almost a year and the developers (Carbon Studios) continue to drop subtle hints and jaw-dropping demo’s for us to relish.

So why is there so much coverage on this game compared to others. Well simply look at the visuals and trailers we’ve provided and you’ll see why VR gamers are getting that little bit excited by it. It’s powered by Unreal Engine (the guys responsible for the brilliant Unreal game series) and features gorgeous smooth VR visuals. For those unaware of ALICE its a fantastic exploration game set out in the far distances of space. You’ve had the unfortunate incident of managing to crash land on a rather peculiar alien planet and you have to salvage and hunt for supplies so you can get back to humanity. The game will be a mixture of action as well as progressively harder puzzle solving. You soon realise that all life on the planet has disappeared adding to the mystery of your Alice vr screen shot 2surroundings. Unlike a lot of other sci-fi games that will be released ALICE VR won’t be just about scares but will require brain power to complete it.

The game has been created for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and  will work with the Touch position controllers. It will be available around April when the VR headsets are released. Recently they launched a campaign on STEAM Greenlight to get ALICE to appear on Valve’s store front – vote for it now, it’ll be worth it.