Aliens Invasion VR – review

aliens invasionHere at TheRealitySandwich we do love a bit of alien beating so we’re pleased to see another mobile VR alien invasion release. This time Maysalward have released ‘Aliens Invasion‘ and its on a global scale. You get to fly around famous landmarks and countries trying to save humanity, expect to fly above Pisa Italy and even over Kuwait City.

Thankfully your comfortably seated in a weapon-armed F16 fighter plane so you’ve got all the goods needed to destroy those pesky aliens in their flying saucers. The graphics are pretty good but can appear blocky now and again. The gameplay itself is fairly smooth and you can expect a full 3D experience with easy to use controls.

You can download Aliens Invasion from either Google Play or iTunes. Keep an eye out for more great VR games from Malsalward.

3 star rating



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