“An interesting technology”

marioThese are the words quoted by Nintendo’s president, Tatsumi Kimishima, about virtual reality and ones we like to hear from such an influential gaming company. Some of you may remember when Nintendo launched their Virtual Boy back in 1995 but they were far too ahead of the curve and the public were simply not ready for virtual reality, Other successes however include the Nintendo 3DS which although not virtual/ immersive helped to bring to life 3D gaming.

We think there are two reasons why Nintendo will want to get involved in VR 1) Their latest financials have not been great. In fact net profits fell over 30% year on year, no thanks to a weak festive season and lack of strong gaming titles 2) A number of the largest tech players have become involved in VR from PlayStation through to Apple it’s no surprise Nintendo want to ‘Mario-back’ off this tech,.

Nintendo however have got a couple of big projects they are working on before moving to VR including their mobile-console hybrid (with 4k streaming video) that will provisionally launch in June and a collection of smart phone games such as Miitomo. All we know is that immersing yourself into a virtual reality game of Mario Kart has us simply dribbling with excitement, although we wouldn’t want to watch as a red shell comes speeding up behind us.