Anyland VR

anylandMinecraft meets Sims meets Sketchup meets VR … giving you Anyland, a great new virtual reality game that enables you to create your world.

Created by the developers (Scott Lowe and Philipp Lenssen) who produced Manyland, Anyland truly is one of the first open virtual reality universes around.

Shape your world in VR

So what can you do in Anyland? Well the world is literally your VR oyster. Start by creating your home and its surrounding environment and then you pretty much have a blank canvas from which to start. Creating objects is super-easy (using mesh primitives) and its just your imagination that needs to do the hard work. Along with basic creation you’re also able to add sound and animate your creations which is a lot easier than it sounds.

Unlike other the traditional open universe games where you use a mouse or a controller, in Anyland you use the HTC’s Motion Controllers making it a lot simpler and more efficient to model and place creations.

anyland vr

Of course as an virtual reality open universe game you’re able to meet and chat with others and see what they’ve been creating. The good news is that the developers have put effort into creating a highly creative sandbox chat environment. Hopefully more users will pick up the Anyland cause and join in to help create a popular and interactive world.

Overall the graphics aren’t mind blowing and it still need tweaks to help polish it off but that doesn’t stop it being a fun game to play. Explore, create and let your inner DaVinci run riot.

Minimum system requirements: HTC Vive / OS: Windows 7 /Processor: Intel i5 / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: GTX 970

Download Anyland from STEAM.

4 stars