Apple to cash in on VR

apple patent vrDoes it come as any surprise that APPLE have decided to get involved in Virtual Reality. The industry is not yet mainstream but it will become so over the  next couple of years so Apple is doing the sensible thing and focusing resources in this area.  Currently their competitors are fully involved in VR with FaceBook buying up Oculus, Samsung launching their ow headset and HTC progressing with their Vive technology. So what can we expect from Apple? Well every time they’ve pooled resources into a new area they generally come up with stylish, comfortable and superbly engineered tech … exactly what the VR industry needs to reach out to a wider audience.

Well lets have an educated stab at what Apple will come with. Firstly its likely they’ll focus on virtual over augmented reality. If they are looking to mimic and beat their competitors then VR is the sector they will focus on. Virtual Reality offers the greatest scope to showcase your content and tech. Apple will probably also come up with a well designed headset; interestingly they filed a patent in 2007 stating ”a goggle system for providing a personal media viewing experience to a user … with optical components for generating the media display”. Check out the image opposite, look familiar?  Interesting this was almost a decade ago! We believe Apple will go with a headset designed for their iPhones as opposed to one powered by the MacBook as this will be more accessible by the masses. VR is only as good as the content available so how will Apple help? Well its likely they will release some fantastic 3D content from live concerts through to 360 video and filming capabilities … and perhaps even a play on the Apple TV. Of course this is all pure speculation and as Apple always keeps things close to their chests it may be some time before we really learn what their plans are.