Astral Domine – review

astral domineEver wanted to crash on a unexplored alien planet? You have well good news for you as that’s exactly what happens with Astral Domine created and developed by Spectral Illusions. Of course crash landing is one part the next part is exploring, surviving and getting the heck off the planet before you end up as alien chowder.

Created exclusively for the HTC Vive (as they have the motion conrollers required for the game movement) you take the first person perspective of a rather unlucky astronaught. Soon after leaving your spacecraft you realise this is no abandoned planet in fsact you discover various remantts off a past civilisation … you also discover you’re not alone.

Take down the alien creatures

There are many strange creatures that you’ll encounter whilst searching this planet from strange robotic creatures to dangerously large flying insects. Thankfully you are armed with a light gun (controlled using the HTC’s controllers) which is used to take down all those nasties.

astral vr

Thankfully the developers have focused on creating immense scale in the which can be seen in both the size of the creatures and the vastness of the environment; in fact soon after playing Astral Domine you do feel like you’re exploring the planet (and not sitting in your bedroom). From then on its about exploring the ruins of the lost civilisation, solving puzzles and working out how you’re going to fix up your ship so you can get back to home.

The graphics and soundtrack are both pretty impressive and suitably eerie in places. If you enjoyed playing Spectral Illusions last foray into VR gaming Cyberphobia then Astral Domine is certainly worth a look.

Download Astral Domine from STEAM today.

Recommended set up: Windows 7, Intel i5-4590, AMD FX 8350 Memory: 8 GB RAM

4 stars