Augmented AR HUDs

A HUD (or heads up display) is a great way to showcase the abilities of augmented reality. If you’re still a bit clueless then picture the Iron Man or Terminator films, you sometimes get a first person perspective taken from their view point right? There are graphs, data and messages zooming around everywhere … well that’s basically a first person HUD. With augmented reality you can superimpose a HUD onto your environment so it feels like you are Iron Man or Terminator. We’ve picked out two of our favourite HUD apps available that we think you’ll enjoy.

Augmented VR Experience

Augmented VR experienceIf you want to view the world from a number of cool different perspectives then the Augmented VR Experience app by Jackaarsoftware is a good choice. For use on either tablet or smartphone this has enough filter options to keep the fussiest person happy. There are in fact over 40 different themes to choose from featuring various overlay, colour and stretch effects. There are also some well known AR HUD character effects including the Terminator, Darth Vader, Matrix (see opposite) etc. This app is only available on Google Play. Check out the Jackaar site for more details.

3 star rating

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Iron Man HUD

iron hud arIf you enjoyed watching the Iron Man films and fancied having a go with the famous suit then here’s your chance (albeit with the rockets and weaponry). So how does it work? Well the Iron Man HUD app uses your camera to create the HUD and you get to control what it focuses on/interacts with. Touch the middle HUD buttons and it fires a cool repulsor shot, tap the left icons and Jarvis (CPU robot) will talk to you. Tony Stark may have been a billionaire but you don’t need to be to experience Iron Man, just download the app straight from the App store.

4 stars Vr games from app store