Award winning VR and AR

With all the hype around the Vision VR awards this month. The Reality Sandwich team have pulled together a number of their favourites from the shortlists. The chosen few are particularly impressive for stretching the boundaries of immersive content and helping to develop the areas of VR … which can only be a good thing. Let us know what you think of the ones we’ve chosen.


There is increasing investment in the area of augmented reality and during 2015 there were a plethora of apps that catered for all walks of life.

faster than lightFaster Than Light – Anomaly Productions
This is one for the AR fans out there as ‘Faster Than Light’ is an augmented reality monthly comic. We would have loved to have this technology available when we were reading Marvel comics in our teens. The free AR app brings to life all the crazy space ships and aliens that are encountered in the comic. We think this is going to be a trend over the next few years and am glad to see Anomaly Productions developing it.


zombies appTable Zombies – SRG United Solutions
The VR industry is getting festooned with sci-fi and zombie games so it’s no surprise to see one of these on the list. ‘Table Zombies’ is a great augmented reality where you have to rescue a number of your team from the safety of your gun ship. Basically mow down the zombie hoard before they get a chance to get near the team. Good fun and very addictive.



Virtual gaming is our favourite area so it was tricky for us to pick out a few but we have managed to select a couple of favourites.

job simulator vr Job SimulatorOwlchemy Labs
Some VR games can take life a little too seriously so we’re glad to see ‘Job Simulator’ on the list. This game is a bit of fun taking you to a futuristic world where robots have replaced humans when it comes to work. You take the role of a robot and must get stuck into various tasks, certainly a great way of learning on the job.


lucid tripLucid Trips – VR-Nerds
Didn’t we mention sci-fi as popular genre earlier? Yes we did and we’re pleased to see that ‘Lucid Trips’ VR has managed to get on the Vision shortlist. Unlike other shooter/ horror games with Lucid Trips you float around unique and special planets creating and defining your avatar. Super psychedelic and great colourful fun.


i expect you to dieI Expect You to DieSchell Games
The Oculus Rift will definitely benefit from ‘I Expect You to Die’ as it’s a superbly made game for gaming technology. The premise of the game is fairly simple in that you are an elite spy who has to survive a number of tricky situations. The graphics are fluid and believable and it plays on all the hype that escape rooms have been getting across the world.


technolust vrTechnolustIRIS VR Inc
We love the steampunk and sci-fi genre and ‘Technolust’ is a fantastic effort by IRIS VR. Its set in a cyberpunk world where it’s your role to immerse yourself, engage with the environment and change the course of history. You can choose from all sorts of experiences from chilling at the arcade or join the resistance to beat the evil corporation. The choice is yours.



The plethora of films coming out for virtual reality simply show what a great platform it is for displaying powerful imagery and emotions. Here are a few we picked from the list.

apollo 11Apollo 11 VRImmersive VR Education
It’s been almost 50 years since Neil Armstrong took his first walk on the moon and it still captures peoples imagination. Thanks to Immersive VR they have brought space exploration to life so you can relive it. You take the perspective of Neil Armstrong as he boards the Saturn V Rocket that propelled him into space.


fabulous trip vrThe Fabulous Journeys of Teo & Leonie – Kenzan Studios
If this is the future of history programs then count us in. It features two children who manage to get themselves stuck in the past and encounter Leonard da Vinci. Although he’s a busy guy he takes it as a challenge to get the kids back to their parents in the modern day. Over the course of the film we’re shown various areas of life during the renaissance so you can a feel what life was like. A great way of getting people of all ages interested in history.


barelled Get Barrelled in TahitiRapid VR
Surfing is one activity that looks great fun but is crazily dangerous – especially with all those sharks and rocks. Well thanks to Sydney-based Rapid VR you can experience surfing in all its 360˚ wet goodness. Rapid partnered with Samsung and the World Surf League to create the video and transport you right into the Teahupo’os waves. A fantastic and thrilling look at the world of surfing.

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