Bank Limit VR – looks awesome

banlimit picIf there’s one game genre we’re massive fans of (other than the survival horror) its driving games … especially futuristic driving games. It probably stems back to the thumpingly good WIPEOUT series on the Playstation and possibly even before that to the Nintendo classic – F-Zero. Well our Christmas has come early as we’ve just taken a look at BANK LIMIT ABR … and it’s awesome!

Tastee have spent the last two years developing Bank Limit ABR (short for ‘Advanced Battle Racing’) and it shows. The game looks sublime and stomach churning to say the least. The premise of the game is that you’re in a racing tournament and have to steer a hovering futuristic vehicle, equipped with lasers, around spectacular looking sets.

The final version is due for completion in a few weeks but we’ve learnt the game will include 15 tracks and 24 simultaneous race cars so there’s going to be a lot of high speed shenanigans. Although the game has been built to maximise the power of Oculus Rift we’re just hoping that taking bends at crazy speeds will not make the experience of virtual reality too nauseous. For directional activity you’ll move your head however for blasting opponents its all fingers on the game pad for some epic fun.

bank limit vrKeep an eye out on The Reality Sandwich for a release date. In the meantime check out the Bank Limit trailer below.




4 star rating