Battleship Defence VR – review

Battleship Defence isn’t ground breaking but it is fun. The premise is fairly simple. You’re in charge of a large turret gun positioned on a battleship. Its your mission to take down waves of enemy war planes as they approach and try to blow you to smithereens.

battleship vrOnce you’ve started up the app and put on your headset you’re good to go. To take down the fighters simply point your head in their direction and you’ll loosen off some rounds. Gradually the waves of enemies gets greater so you need to be on your toes to spot them all. Overall the graphics are fairly decent but the sound can sometimes be a little overwhelming and the controls can also go askew as it seems to be pretty sensitive.

Virtual reality battleships

A decent go at recreating the Pearl Harbour experience but it lets itself down in a few areas. You can download Battleship Defence VR from either the App Store or Google Play. Take a look at the VR demo below.

2 star rating



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