Battlezone, a VR tanks game

Guaranteed VR gaming fun, Battlezone looks like it could be one of the virtual reality co-op games of 2017 for the Vive and Rift. 

if we were to boil Battlezone down to its essence you are basically strapped into the cockpit of a super powerful tank – the Cobra. With a full contingent of weapons such as missiles and rail guns at your disposal its your objective to obliterate all the other tanks (whether they be AI or co-op).

Now you may say so what we’ve seen all this before! Well maybe you have come across a decent arcade shooter but Battlezone has had a lot of care and attention given to it. Yes you can play this as single player, get to grips with the games mechanics and complete campaigns but it really comes to life when you go up against other humans in the co-op mode. Although you start off with some fairly complex options overtime you’ll be able to unlock skills and more impressive weapons to take out other tanks. 

The graphics are wonderfully bright and immersive with no lag. Some people may not like the poly-style but to be honest it gives off a nostalgic aroma (cast your mind back to those Tomytronic games). In addition the sound effects are spot-on and you get a real buzz when you see and hear your opponent explode into smithereens. 

Some STEAM users have criticized Battlezone for only being compatible with the Xbox controller and some players have felt some motion sickness however overall the game has been highly praised and is becoming a must-have game for the HTC Vive. 

Game categories
Arcade / Shooter / Tanks

VR compatible 
HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Minimum requirements 
OS: Windows 7  | Processor: Intel i5-4590 | Memory: 8 GB RAM | Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

TheRealitySandwich rating

4 stars




STEAM rating
Very positive

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