Best games for PlayStation VR

With the launch of Sony PlayStation’s highly anticipated VR headset we thought we would look at the top five games that will help make its release a success. Its believed that at its launch there will be over 50 top game titles to choose from so we’re hoping a few will be real gems!

eve valkyrie vr 1) EVE: Valkyrie (CCP Games)

As most hardcore gamers know this has been in development for years but as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day! This is going to be an absolute epic multiplayer game for the SonyPlaystation VR. Sat in the cock-pit of a spaceship fighter you’ll be taking on AI and other players in massive space dogfights – what’s not to like? There will be plenty of customisation and various game modes. Judging by some of the imagery this will also look fantastic! OK EVE: Valkyrie on the Oculus Rift may have greater visuals thanks to its processing power but its will still look and play brilliantly.


rigs vr2) RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (Guerilla Cambridge Games)

Arguably the most popular game genre for the Playstation iterations has been the FPS. Why then is there such as lack of them for the Playstation VR? Well the answer comes from the fact that we humans have ‘inner-ears’ the area that controls balance. As the VR is so good it tricks the brain into thinking you’re actually in the game which can lead to nausea … especially felt if you’re running around like a maniac in a FPS. That said a number of developers have managed to limit this and so RIGS gets on our list. More of a sport-a-thon than a shoot-a-thon you are in a team where you must get yourself through a hoop in the middle of the arena to score points. Expect a lot of competitive fun.


drive club vr3) DriveClub (Evolution Games)

DriveClub was a great PlayStation game when it was originally launched a couple of years ago so we were very happy to see it will make an appearance with the latest PS VR. If you’re looking for an immersive, fast paced driving game where you really do feel part of the racing action then DriveClub is it. Put on your competitive helmet and race against your friends in a huge selection of super cool sports cars. As you can see the graphics are pretty sublime and level of detail is outstanding making it feel particularly realistic.


Top launch games for PlayStation VR


fear4) Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (Supermassive Games)

Of course we had to feature a horror title in the list of PlayStation VR game releases. You play as Josh who has unwittingly decided to take a trip on an old cart through a house of horrors. The dark and eerie-ness of the game really helps to create one of the creepiest atmospheres we’ve seen. Various ghouls and creatures attempt to attack you whilst you’re riding but thankfully you’re armed with dual wielding shotguns and various items you can shoot for replenishing stocks. If you are going to play Until Dawn: Rush of Blood make sure you do it in the dark.


london heist vr5) The London Heist (Sony)

Similar to Sony’s classic action game – The Getaway – The London Heist immerses players into the grubby and sinister world of London’s criminal population. In this fantastic looking game you’ll experience all manner of game play modes and action sequences such as shoot-outs and car chases to keep any gamer happy. This is one game genre that takes virtual reality in its arms and gives it a big hug. Expect London Heist to be a stand out launch game.


deep vrFinally here’s a VXperience (a virtual reality experience if you will) called The Deep. Although not a game per-se as you’re limited to a perspective within a diving cage it still is immeasurably enjoyable and highly realistic. As the cage gets lowered deeper in the depths of the oceans you see various sea-creatures and long abandoned objects. The climax however is the attack by a hungry great white who wants to challenge the integrity of your cage. One, two, three – hold your breath!

As you can see there are abundant of fantastic virtual reality game titles that will accompany the launch of PlayStation VR. For sure some will be better than others but the choice and variety should keep most gamers happy.

We’ll give these games all full reviews when they are officially launched in 2016.

Keep an eye out for our Virtual Reality game review section.