Best VR sex toys

girl and sex toyWatching adult movies in virtual reality has taken porn to the next level, immersing you in the experience as never before. However lets face it you still feel your sweaty palms on your cock as you tug it ferociously. Well over the last decade or so girls moved away from using their fingers and its now common place to find a discreet vibrator in their handbags … its time for men to get serious about masturbation!

Adding a sex toy when watching VR porn adds another dimension which increases the pleasure you’ll be feeling. So there you are headset on enjoying a couple of babes sucking your cock. Yes, your eyes are deceiving your brain into thinking you’re in the room with them but your hands give the game away … time to try something new, try a male masturbating toy.

Here at TheRealitySandwich we like to believe we’re something of VR porn specialists so below we’ve reviewed a number of the best sex toys for VR porn that should spice up your experience. Some we’re sure you’ve heard of … others, well they’ll be a bit more exotic. End of the day you don’t know until you try; just make sure you stock up on the lube!

VR masturbators

Male masturbating toys have certainly come a long way and are now pretty much a staple for any man who wanks a lot … especially to VR porn! They provide a new depth of feeling to your cock that can simulate something like oral or anal sex and really do add to your pleasure. Used with lube and synchronied with the virtual reality porn movie will have you cumming in no time – guaranteed! 

fleshlight vrFLESHLIGHT
These guys are absolute legends when it comes to male masturbators, in fact they’ve been designing sex toys for over a decade. By far and away their best sellers are their Fleshlight collection. Why the name? Well it looks like a flashlight and feels like flesh! If you’re looking for the most realistic vagina experience then make sure you buy one of the these. There are a huge range of fleshlights, ones that resemble a mouth or ass, ones based on your favourite porn stars and you can even customise one to suit. The Pink Lady pictured here has been designed to stimulate your cock with plenty of suction and soft spiraled chambers and ridges. The grip on the outside makes it easy to hold whilst enjoying your VR porn.

Fleshlight have also created the VStroker which is one of the leading advanced virtual sex systems. In a nut-shell the VStroker attaches to the Fleshlight, monitors speed of strokes. Info is then sent to the Mac or PC and synchs with Vstroker enabled content. You’ll now be able to interact with the hottest adult VR stars … you literally control the movement! 
Check out the Fleshlight
five star rating


tenga egg TENGA EGG
TENGA EGG’s have been around for some time now and are still hugely popular with men who want to amplify their wank. Unlike the Fleshlight, Egg’s are designed for a single use (although if looked after carefully can be used longer). Inside the egg packaging you get a very soft sleeve which has various textures to create a great sensation on your cock. Easy to get on and stay on which is handy when you’re wearing a virtual reality headset. It may be small and cheap but don’t be put off as it certainly packs a punch. 
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4 stars




robo cock suckerROBO COCK SUCKER
Lets say you’re watching a great VR blowjob movie. You’ve got a couple of girls around you sucking your balls and deep-throating your cock. The last thing you want to do is pretend your sweaty palm is the babes mouth! Well thankfully Robo Cock Sucker by ToyJoy takes the effort out. They’ve created a masturbator that closes around your cock and when started up the rings of stroking beads move up and down simulating a bj. Speed can be controlled to replicate a blowjob like you exactly want it. Genius! 
Check out the ROBO COCK SUCKER

4 stars




colt masturbatorCOLT MASTURBATOR
As you can see from above we’ve featured a tube that mimics the feeling of a wet pussy and a machine that replicates the movement however in the COLT you get the best of both worlds. This masturbator is perfect for watching VR porn, it has a flexible shaft which can be bent into the desired position and the inside has a velvet soft sensation. On top of that it vibrates with no less than 30 different patterns to please your manhood.  30 patterns to go through every time – what a pain! Nope, its memory chip recalls the last used pattern.
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4 stars




rocks off masturbateROCKS-OFF
English designer ‘Rocks-Off’ have come up with this punchy little number entitled the Hand-Solo masturbator. As you can see from its simple and contemporary design you put your hand in the grip and rub it up and down your cock. The various textures achieve help to stimulate your dick resulting in a more enjoyable wank./ The button at the top controls the vibrations the nodules move at and there are 7 different vibration speeds to try. 
Check out Rocks-Off ‘Hand-Solo’

3 star




Virtual Sex Toys

Sometimes you need to share the love and if you’re lucky to have a partner then you should definitely check out the latest collection of ‘teledildonics’ on the market. This technology allows you to have virtual sex with a loved one (or a stranger) thanks to the various connectivity options. 

max lovenseLeaders in the market of VR SEX have to be who have created a range of products for both long distance interactivity and wireless remote control action.

In a nut-shell long distance sex toys enable you to stay intimate even though you are 100’s of miles away. It works by the man having one toy to put on his cock (called the MAX) and the woman having a toy to insert (called the Nora). Using bi-directional control (applicable for both iPhone and Android) if you use start masturbating using the MAX then she’ll feel it in NORA and visa-versa. You can also use the toys just as stand-alone masturbators and they are both highly acclaimed great products.

Imagine chatting to a cam-girl but instead of her gyrating for you she can now control the sex toy that you’re using on your cock … thanks to wireless virtual sex. All they need to do is download the app, you add them as a friend and away you go. She can literally control your orgasms. 

Thanks to Fleshlight for the use of the title image