Buckingham Palace – up close and personal

queen happyOver the past few years we’ve had greater access to some of the most secretive of places but that seems to be changing! Have you ever fancied a snoop around the Queens residence? Last year 1/2 a million people took a physical tour around the palace and now you can do it from the comfort of your lounge thanks to a brand new virtual reality tour of Buckingham Palace courtesy of the British Monarch.

Just last week Google placed 16 ‘Google jump cameras’ on circular tripods around various places within Buckingham Palace. They took multiple images and once edited and knitted together achieved some great panoramic footage. So how can you get involved? Well you simply load up the video on YouTube and use your smartphone to view it. If you view it through a VR headset you’ll have a full 3D immersive experience. Without wishing to spoil the surprise you’ll get to see a number of rooms including the Marble Entrance Hall, Grand Staircase, Throne Room and Picture Gallery featuring many of the masters (see below).  Certain segments of the tour are also guided by official palace staff including the Queen’s Master of the Household.

3 star rating