Cardboard Crash – review

Ok so we’ve shot zombies, whizzed round space and explored a haunted mansion but what about a different challenge – an ethical one?

cardboardcrashWell that’s the exact challenge that the guys from the National Film Board of Canada have come up with. Cardboard Crash was showcased at last month’s Sundance Festival and was certainly well received for its unique take on virtual reality. We’re not a fan of spoilers so we won’t give too much away but basically it questions giving a life or death decision to a piece of AI (in this case a self-driving car). The imagery is filmed from a first-person perspective sitting in a car and up come three potential outcomes that you have to choose from.

Although short its certainly an entertaining VR app that combines sleek graphics with ethical questioning. Certainly worth a free download from either the App Store or Google Play. Requires – Android 4.1 / iOS 9.0 … and of course a headset.

3 star rating



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