Cardboard hits 5m users

google cardboardUntil the release of Google Cardboard the virtual reality sector was seen as a little bit too geeky and not particularly accessible. That however changed dramatically when in 2014 Google had the brain child that was ‘Cardboard’. Simple in concept and elegant in execution Google’s cardboard is a very affordable and effective VR headset that brings fantastic virtual reality content to life.

Over the past two years there have been over 5 million headsets shipped out which to all intents and purposes is a glowing endorsement of VR. Along with a large number of headset sales there have been over 25 million installs of Cardboard apps via Google Play. 25 bleedin million! And this is only set to grow as new developers and producers see the benefit of creating this type of material. Have a guess what the most popular app has been. Well none other than ‘Chair in a Room’, another creepy horror app.Of course Google’s Cardboard also enables people to see 3D video and well over 350,000 hours of content have been viewed on Youtube (also owned by Google). They really are in a truly great position to help progress this industry.

So what does the future hold for this tech giant? Well Clay Bavor (Google’s VR chief) was pretty generic in his response stating Cardboard is “not the end of the line … we’re working on a lot of things.” We think this is exciting times and we’re sure there will be many more years of investment to come.