CastleStorm VR – review

castlestorm vrWhen CastleStorm, ZenStudios came out for smart phones last year it received rave reviews thanks to action packed game play, colourful graphics and a rousing sound track. Now the guys over at ZenStudios have decided to convert it for the virtual reality market but how does it perform?

Well the good news is that they’ve done a great job in adapting CastleStorm to VR. In fact we shouldn’t really surprised especially when we see how they adapted Pinball FX to VR. Rather than interact with the action on a 2D screen you’re now thrown headfirst into the heart of the battle.

VR tower defence game

For those who have not yet experienced CastleStorm its your task to stop the enemies formidable forces from breaking down your gates and smashing your hold. There is great variety in the enemy that wants to take you down from and they generally fit with the environment they are located i.e. wolves in the frozen plains to orcs in the cities.

Thankfully you also have a large selection of troops you can release onto the enemy including archers, knights and even the formidable griffin. Along with physical troops you have a pumped up ballista that can make mincemeat of your enemies troops and castle based on what you’re shooting at them.


Created for the Oculus Rift it means that currently movement uses the Xbox One controller which works well with the game. However you can just look to the left or right for an instant view of the battleground.

Thanks to the amount of missions, storyline and upgrades CastleStorm VR will certainly keep you coming back for more.

Recommended  set-up: Processor -Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater / Graphics card  – NVIDIA GTX 970 / Memory – 4 GB

DOWNLOAD CastleStorm VR from the Oculus Store

4 stars