CDF Starfighter – review

Colonial Defence Force Starfighter (or CDF Starfighter for short) is another glorious looking VR space shooter created by MAG Studios. As you can see from the images the graphics are beautiful and that’s because CDF was created using Unreal Engine 4. The premise behind the game is fairly simple in that you’ve been recruited as a pilot for the Colonial Defence Force and have to save mankind from the enemy alien ships. The ultimate goal … become an Elite CDF pilot.

colonial star defenceSo what’s the difference between this game and the likes of Deep Space Battle or Darkfield? Well CDF Starfighter has the basic fundamentals of zooming round space in a weapons loaded ship (actually 6 to choose from) however there is more thought to being a pilot. For example when you scramble to take out the enemy ships you also have to manually re-dock which takes precision and skill. The HUD and various information relayed on the screen isn’t for show – its providing critical info on your spaceship.

CDF Starfighter gameplay

The AI has been particularly well programmed as enemies can team up against you as opposed to simple one-on-one dog fights. Another difference is the incredible level of detailing within the game. Every aspect has been looked at to create a realistic journey in space from the outside of a space vehicle to people walking around on the ships’ bridge. All this adds to the genius of CDF Starfighter VR, just check out the trailer video below.

Overall the graphics are excellent and the sound is top notch, working with the atmosphere of the game. Importantly both scale and head tracking work sufficiently well to create the full immersion you’re after. To keep you interested in the game there is a decent amount of choice from 5 single player modes to numerous playable ships which have their own characteristics. Currently there is no multiplayer options but this is likely to come further down the line.  This is one game you won’t regret downloading.

Colonial Defence Force Starfighter is currently available from STEAM for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Alternatively check out the CDF site.

Requirements: Windows 7 – 10 / i7 or similar AMD / 8 GB RAM / Nvidia 4gb GTX970

4 stars