Cinematarium – create a giant screen

cinemaCinematarium is a great new virtual reality app that not only enables you to create your own planetarium but also your own vast cinema in the comfort of your lounge. Why pay to go to an expensive West End cinema when you can recreate the experience in your home!
There are a huge number of options when it comes to movie playback. Cinematarium will play both 2D and 3D videos and you can switch from a flat cinema screen to a rounded iMaX style cinema screen. Thankfully the app automatically changes the aspect ratio and also remembers the last position if you need a quick break. It will play Vob films direct from your DVD drive so dust off your old classics and watch them on a huge screen.

VR cinema

cinematariumAlong with playing movies you can also browse the web. Imagine a giant web browser … all content streamed direct. You can even have two browsers running at the same time. Use your own keyboard to type in web addresses and search on Google.
That’s all folks … well that’s not quite correct as there’s also a music player and visualiser. Webcam, real-time clock. What more could you want? A great virtual reality cinema app that’s worth a download.
Download Cinematarium now from the Rift Arcade

4 stars