Closing the deal – Naughty America VR

closing the dealLets face it, estate agents can be a real pain in the ass but if they look like Natalia Starr we’ll buy anything from them!

Natalia is also a fan of commission so she’ll do all she can to sell you this house … even allowing you to get down and dirty with her. That’s exactly what she does in Naughty America’s latest VR porn movie – Closing the deal.

Blonde blowjob VR

So you catch Natalia in the property she’s showing you round. However you seem to be admiring her ass as opposed to the decor! Soon she’s stripping down to her sexy black lingerie.

She takes your cock in her hands and begins massaging it with her hands and then moves onto to using her lips. It doesn’t take a whole lot of imagination what’s going to happen when she’s licking and sucking your massive dick … you’re going to get hard – real hard!

natalia starr

As soon as you’re up for it its time for some real hardcore VR action and you get to fuck Natalia in all sorts of positions. Just check out that sublime body and great tits – unreal!

If you’ve ever fantasized about screwing a stranger in a strange house then ‘Closing the deal’ is the movie for you.

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4 stars