CloudBound – review

cloudboundGrappling hooks – great fun – and have been featured in various computer games for decades. With virtual reality however developers have really made the effort to immerse the user in the actual motion of a grappling hook i.e. aim, shoot and get towed in. The developers at Silicon Storm have decided to own this game mechanic in their latest title CLOUDBOUND.

Cloudbound positions you as the adventurer who needs to locate and collect blue crystals dotted around a immense floating rock world.

VR grappling hook action

Created for the HTC Vive you use the two motion controllers. Your right hand will control the grappling hook. Point at a rocky surface and shoot a hook that will embed itself to the surface and stop you from falling to your death. It has a useful green neon HUD for targeting and other indicators such as how many hooks you have left. The left hand is equipped with a nifty climbing pick axe.There’s no point swinging randomly, use the axe to reach harder to access areas.

cloudbound vrAs you can see from the trailer below the graphics are impressive with some great detailing to the various landscapes. To help minimise motion sickness from all the grappling fun the developers have thankfully created a ‘Dynamic Field of View’ system to try and minimise motion sickness and judging by the reviews on STEAM it seems to have worked.

This is one of the games that takes VR by its hands and gives it a boot off the ledge … why? well its got grappling hooks and knows how to use them!

Download an Early Access version CloudBound from STEAM today.

System Requirements: HTC Vive / OS: Windows 7 or later / Processor: i5 or better / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: GTX 970 or better

4 stars