Cosmic Trip – review

cosmic tripIf it weren’t for creative developers the gaming world would be a grey soulless place. Thank heavens we have them, one of whom is FunkTronic who have created one of the first real-time-strategy (RTS) virtual reality games – Cosmic Trip.

The premise of the game is fairly simple in that you have been dropped off on a barren alien planet and must use your initiative and the local resources to help create a base and build a robotic army to beat off the alien army. As you’ll soon find out there are multiple ‘nodes’ covering the planet, capture one and you push back the enemy, capture them all its congratulations all round.

Virtual reality planet survival

Using the HTC Vive’s motion controllers you have a large selection of options when it comes to establishing and evolving your base. This is not a point and shoot VR game but one where you must think strategically. Do you build various defensive structures for your base, orchestrate your harvesting cosmobots to speed up their blue crystal gathering or practice your sharp shooting skills?

The graphics in Cosmic Trip and impressive and polished and the levels of scale that are achieved help to immerse you in this alien environment. Another area the developers have focused on is the haptic interaction which again helps to bring together the whole sensory experience.

If you’re looking for a beautifully polished game with multiple game mechanics and an addictive, fun game play then Cosmic Trip is a no-brainer download.

cosmic trip vr

You can currently download a pre-release of Cosmic Trip from STEAM but note that content is limited. We envision that FunkTronic will be making ongoing optimisations to this game as it rolls out but so far so dam good!

Minimum requirements: OS – Windows 7 SP1 / Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / Processor – Intel i5-4590 equivalent / Memory – 8 GB RAM

4 stars