Create a virtual reality gallery

Arguably photography is one of the most uploaded mediums online so its no real surprise that virtual reality developers have invested in this area. One of the growing areas is the way in which you can create virtual reality galleries from your social media image sites such as Instagram or Tumblr.

Imagine if you will the Louvre, MOMI or National Portrait Gallery but instead of pictures from the old masters there are hundreds of your recently taken photos in frames on the wall. This exactly what you can expect from the latest swathe of VR apps.

VR Tumblr gallery

tumbvrTumblr is awesome and awesomely HUGE. Literally millions of pieces of content are on the site so browsing through it can be both frustrating and daunting. Thankfully a clever bod called Thomas Balouet created TumbVR that will instantly turn any Tumblr page into a virtual reality art gallery.

If you’re a smartphone browser (or even Oculus Rift browser) all you have to do is add the URL of the Tumblr post you want converted to the TumbVR app and hey presto just like magic you’ll be transported to one of the coolest art galleries ever.

Arguably the main benefit to TumbVR is the fact that you’re able to generate virtual reality content from a non-virtual reality source which is another leap forward into making VR a lot more accessible to the masses.

Learn more about TumbVR

Virtual reality Instagram gallery

If you’re more on an Instagramer (and a staggering 300m of you are) then the good news is there’s now an app that enables you to create your very own virtual reality gallery.

You may have come across the guys over at Sketchfab before as they are some of the world’s leading 3D-model developers. One of the gang over there saw a niche in the market around creating VR content from Instagram and have come up with an app named Instamuseum.

instamuseumIt’s particularly easy to implement and set up. All you need to do is load up the app, type in your Instagram user name and watch as the virtual reality gallery you are in springs to life with all your snaps.

There are four different VR galleries you can choose for your photos including a basic white wall gallery, you’ll even be able to display those glorious food porn shots and your ‘feet in the sand’ shots in Paris’ famous Louvre!

Download Instamuseum from the Sketchfab site