Darkfield VR – a preview

darkfield vrWe first heard about the eagerly anticipated VR space shooter – Darkfield VR – back in 2014. Over the past year or so there have been multiple updates and teaser trailers from the Indie game developers (Mark, Daniel and Martin). So with all this information what can we expect?

Darkfield VR gameplay

There are two game play modes. In the first its your job to work with your team to take down immense space stations which have swarms of enemy guards protecting them. In the multi player/ co-op mode Darkfield VR becomes space dogfight game which suits virtual reality tech perfectly. You choose your side and from then on it’s your goal to team up with your wingmen buddies and take down the enemy ships. Up to 32 players will be able to join a match of Darkfield VR at any one time so there’s going to be a lot of stray lasers and near misses to avoid. You’ll also be able to customise and choose from a variety of space fighters. Do you go for the agile and nimble shooter which can be felled in one shot or go with the bulky, built like a brick sh*t house bomber? The decision is yours.

inshot darkfieldAs you can see the graphics are pretty stunning with bright and eye-catching visuals. There’s a great sense of speed and motion making the idea of space travel believable. The developers tried to make it as realistic as possible and the level of detail is immense from scratches on helmets through to flying debris. Check out the teaser videos for Darkfielf VR we’ve featured below.

Its recommend you use a Oculus Rift to play Darkfield VR. For full recommended spec of your PC check out their site. Darkfield VR is still in the Alpha stage but you pre-order and play the game for a small amount.

4 star rating