Dead End Alley VR – review

Yes it’s another zombie game, yes there’s going to be various rotten limbs flying around the place but Dead End Alley dead end alley vrby Pulsar Arena is different, it’s got a chainsaw AND a nail gun. If you ever fancied playing ASH from the Evil Dead then this is a must game for you.

So the story behind Dead End Alley is that you’re one of the last people on Earth who has yet to suffer from zombie-itis and as such are fair game (by game we mean a tasty meal) for all the zombies. As mentioned you are armed with both nail gun and chainsaw both of which cause some serious injuries, just make sure they don’t overheat. Wait until the zombies (especially the bad boy bosses) get close enough and fire away.

Is Dead End Alley good?

The game has been created using comicy, as opposed to realistic, style graphics so it’s not gratuitously violent, although some of the younger readers of TheVirtualSandwich may be advised to steer clear. The graphics are however still pretty impressive and the game play is fast paced (if a little predictable). You control the shooting by way of the VR Gear’s headset tracking/ built in touch pad. Make sure you look out for power-ups dropped by grateful humans.

Dead End Alley is certainly a must for any zombie haters and for anyone looking to show off virtual reality in all its gory detail.
Download Dead End Alley VR from Google Play.

4 stars

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