Deep Space Battle VR – review

deep space battle vrCome on already! Haven’t we had enough space shooter games released this year? Apparently not as Archiact Interactive have just launched their new game – Deep Space Battle VR for Google Cardboard; and you know what, it ain’t half bad.

Deep Space Battle gameplay

Like many other VR space shooters this takes place in deep space and its your mission to be the hero and save the day. Thankfully there’s lots of action with numerous interactive dogfights against the evil Shadow Fleet. The graphics are pretty smooth and there’s a nice feel to the flight. You can even customise your ship, choosing from a number of different designs. Although created exclusively for Google Cardboard there is no use for the magnet controller as your ship will auto-fire anything that comes into its sights.

So you get smooth space shooter graphics, a decent soundtrack and the best part is Deep Space Battle is entirely free (for now). What’s the catch I hear you say? Well none that we can find so get yourself the install and get playing.

Archiact Interactive have a number of great mobile vr games. Check out the Deep Space Battle trailer below.

3 star rating

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