Don’t Knock Twice – a VR horror

Game description
With Halloween almost upon us and the release of IT at the cinemas its probably a good time to review the latest creep fest that’s taking the VR world by storm ‘Don’t Knock Twice‘. Developed by Wales Interactive this FPS horror game takes place inside a very eerie manor house that has become infected with the spirit of a malevolent and rather vengeful witch. It’s your job to try and save your daughter who has disappeared rather mysteriously.

Although it can be played without a VR headset (similar to Resident Evil 7) virtual reality takes the fear up a notch and any creak and groan will have you literally sh*tting yourself. Movement is by way of walking locomotion as well as teleportation and the mechanics seem to work well. The graphics are great and bring a sinister edge to the game with its shadows and flickering flames. The sound and accompanying creepy effects also help to build up the atmosphere you expect in this type of game.

Some argue it is a bit short but if you’re into VR horror and have enjoyed playing Layers of Fear (about a lunatic artist) then Don’t Knock Twice will be right down your alley. We’ve got a lot of other virtual horror game reviews for you to check out.

Game categories
Horror / Mystery


FPS VR horror game


VR compatible 
HTC Vive / Oculus Rift

Recommended system requirements 
OS: Windows 10 64bit  | Processor: Intel i5-4590 | Memory:8 GB RAM | Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970

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STEAM rating
Very positive


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