Dragon Front – review

dragon front vrCard games are a fairly rare beast when it comes to virtual reality gaming. Yes they don’t necessarily have the action and drama that an action adventure game would give however VR brings card gaming to life.

Created and developed by High Voltage Dragon Front is the latest and currently best VR card game out there. So how does it work? Well you have a deck of cards featuring all manner of creatures, beasts and spells that you have to use strategically to defeat your opponent by destroying their forces and castle. Imagine ‘Magic’ but in a virtual reality environment.

VR card strategy game

Simply load up Dragon Front on your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and start competing with others from around the world; who appear as floating masks. Thankfully this game is certainly one of the more comfortable virtual reality games around and is unlikely to cause any VR nausea as there is very little movement. For sure you can look around you and get a feel for your environment, for example your fortress is located below you, but most of the action happens with the cards positioned in front of you.

dragon front vrThe mechanics are fairly simple in that you have to draw from 30 card decks. Within these decks are a huge mix of various characters (each of whom have their strengths and weaknesses), spells and encampments.

As you can see by the screen shots the graphics are bold and beautiful and really help bring what could be seen as a dull game to life.

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4 stars