Dreadhalls – review

dreadWe’ve covered a lot of horror VR games in the past but Dreadhalls by White Door Games is certainly the most scariest to date. The premise is that you’ve woken up in a dark, mouldy dungeon and have to use guile and stealth to escape.

As well as being the scariest, Dreadhalls is one of the most sophisticated horror games we’ve come across as every time you play the game the layout will be different to the previous layout. So what can you expect well firstly the detailing and lighting atmosphere are great, creating an atmosphere of suspense and dread. However the sound is award winning. You hear your heart pumping, shoes scraping and creatures lurking … really does bring it together to create a fully immersive VR experience.

Plenty of VR scares

Unlike games such as Resident Evil you are not equipped with an AK47 in fact there’s no weapon at all, you have to rely on your skill in navigating the dungeon. Thankfully you are equipped with a lamp to help guide you but be read for real scares. Overall Dreadhalls is a great example of an immersive horror game. Creepy sound, creepy atmosphere and VERY creepy beasts. This is a must play for all VR horror fans.

dreadhallsLearn more about Dreadhalls at the official site which contains teaser videos. Download Dreadhalls for Oculus Rift and Gear headsets

4 stars