Edge of Nowhere – review

edge of nowhereIf you’re into psychological horror games that take you to the brink then Edge of Nowhere by Insomniac Games is a great choice. Edge of Nowhere has been eagerly anticipated for well over a year thanks to a bunch of teaser videos and some great marketing but what’s it all about you ask?

Well first and foremost this is a virtual reality third person action adventure game that sees you playing as Victor Howard who is searching for his fiance, Ava. Ava was part of an Antarctica expedition that went horribly wrong resulting in their disappearance. It’s up to you now to search through various eerie and atmospheric landscapes in search of Ava.

If you’ve ever come across Insomniac Games before you’ll know this isn’t going to be plain sailing – in fact you can expect a lot tension and a good healthy dose of scares … made even more horrific thanks to the immersive qualities the game creates.

Virtual reality psychological horror

So what does exploring this creepy Antarctic environment entail? Well first of all the character does gradually lose his mind resulting in the blurring of reality and truth. You’ll experience all sorts of hallucinations and flash backs that are even more interesting to experience in VR. Secondly expect the sense of scale to be bewildering thanks to enormous cliff walls. There are times when you look off the edge of a cliff and realise just how high you are.

You can also expect to come across a number of a healthy dose of disturbing creatures who aren’t there to give you a hug! Thankfully in Edge of Nowhere you are armed with various weapons (initially armed with an pick axe and shotgun) which will help you survive in the environment however you do have limited supplies which all adds to the tension.

edge of nowhere review

Graphic-wise Edge of Nowhere is impressive (see the game trailer below) and the game is further brought to life thanks to some impressive 3D spatial audio from the soundtrack to the eerie sounds of the creatures lurking around.

Overall this is one of the best virtual reality games out there. A compelling story, great visiuals, strong game mechanics and good soundtrack … so it’s no surprise Edge of Nowhere has received rave reviews from an abundance of well-respected game review sites. If you’ve got an Oculus Rift then Edge of Nowhere has to be in your top games.

Check out the Insomniac Games site for more information.

five star rating