Escape Room VR – review

Over the last few years Escape Rooms have become a hugely popular pastime in major cities round the world. So much so that they are sometime the number one pastime on Tripadvisor. Those unfamiliar with the concept is that you are locked in an atmospheric room and it’s your job to pick out and interact with clues to help you escape from the room. Simple in its premise, complex in its execution. So it comes as no surprise that a developer, in this case Evilport, have created a virtual reality version of the Escape Room.

escape roomIf you want to experience the full impact of Escape Room VR we recommend you play it on the Gear VR headset. So how does it work? Well it starts by positioning you in a closed room in a nicely furnished apartment with no memory on how you got there. A phone rings … a thinly veiled plot is read out and it’s your job to explore your surroundings, solve clues, find hidden objects etc. The ultimate goal is to escape the room.

Virtual reality escape rooms

Virtual reality was an obvious choice in tech to recreate The Escape Room activities and overall the developers do a decent job in immersing you in this environment and creating a fairly tense atmosphere. There are some bugs and glitches such only enabling you to interact with some (not all of the items). However if you’re into this type of game then it’s definitely worth a look. Will you be playing it a number of times? Probably not but it’s worth a download. Check out a trailer below (does contain spoilers).

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3 star