EVE: Gunjack VR – review

eve gunIf you like guns, BIG guns then Gunjack by CCP is the VR game for you. The idea behind Gunjack (or to give it its proper name EVE: Gunjack) is that you take the role of a gun turret operator whose job it is to take down the pirate space craft who are intent on robbing your mother ship of its precious cargo.

Gunjack however isn’t your run-of-the mill turret shooter as it uses the Unreal Engine 4 for its graphics to they are supremely realistic and engaging. This is also thanks to the fact it uses 60 frames per second to achieve an unparalleled level of smoothness. The level of detail in Gunjack is also pretty awesome, from the detailing in your gun cockpit to the exploding pirate ships.

Gunjack virtual reality

As with most space shooter games the premise is to survive increasingly harder waves of enemies as they encroach on your space. Thankfully you have various power-ups you can utilise to help you take down enemies such as an artillery cannon or homing missiles. eve screen shotThe game can work with the Gear VR and uses the Gear’s track-pad to control the guns.

Overall this one of the best virtual reality space shooter games we’ve played and although it can get a little repetitive it’s certainly worth giving this a play. EVE: Gunjack has not been launched in silo as it is a counterpart to EVE:Valkyrie, a multiplayer space shooter. You can now download Gunjack from the Oculus store and is best played using the GEAR VR headset.

More info on the EVE website.

4 stars