Evolution VR

evolution vrEvolution VR is certainly different and by ‘different‘ we mean this in positive light. It’s a bit like Spore … but different!

Created by Magic Tavern, you are given control of a bunch of seemingly ‘cute’ looking alien type fish and its your role to evolve them so rather than them being a snack for a bigger creature they achieve the accolade of becoming top of the food chain.

Its like watching an aliens aquarium world and having control on its outcome. So how do you do this? Well basically you have to go around eating smaller fish which helps yours to evolve.

There are a bunch of DNA ‘drops’ that you can find which help to speed up evolution. You’re able to customise parts of your creature and can make a variety of tweaks from defensive through to offensive changes, the main thing is to make sure its prepared for the hostile world.

evolution vr graphics

If you watch the Evolution VR game trailer below you’ll see that the graphics are fairly well polished in this colourful underwater world and the game play/ tracking is smooth. The fact you’re able to immerse yourself into this environment thanks to the virtual reality headset does make it more exciting.

Overall Evolution VR is fun and challenging and if you want to get lost in thought whilst immersed in an underwater alien environment then this is for you.

Recommended system requirements: HTC Vive / OS: Windows 10 64bit / Processor: Intel Core i7-6800 equivalent / Memory: 8 GB RAM / Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980

Download Evolution VR from STEAM.

4 stars