Farlands VR – review

falrands vrDeveloped exclusively for the Oculus Rift by Oculus Studios FARLANDS VR is certainly one of the most graphically impressive virtual reality games we’ve seen released for this platform … and the best thing is its entirely free!

So what’s Farlands all about then? Well essentially you take the perspective of a research scientist who is beamed down to a planet to explore the flora and fauna … and what an interesting world it is to.

Thankfully you’re equipped with an analysis tool that helps you identify the creatures and a scanner which enables you to take photos of the specimens. Soon you’ll get to know all about these species, what they eat etc. If you then take care of them and visit them regularly then over time they’ll be comfortable in your presence which will unlock other creatures and environments.

Explore alien worlds in VR

Once you’ve completed a trip you’ll transport yourself back to your ship for a debriefing by the captain. He certainly doesn’t pull his punches so get ready for some honest and frank feedback on your progress.


Unlike other virtual reality games for the Oculus Rift Farlands is not a one-hit wonder. Far from it, the developers actually upload new content on a daily basis so you can dip in out and out of the game and have a different experience each time.

If you look at the screen shots (or preview video) you’ll see how gorgeous the game is. Creature animations and extremely detailed and realistic environment help to bring this to life. Its not just the graphics that are impressive as the 3D sound and awareness created really helps to immerse you into this alien environment. The only real downside to Farlands VR is the limitation on movement which is only through teleportation; great shame really as it would have been a truly great game.

Saying that lets not forget this game is FREE and we’ve seen paid for titles that pale in comparison to Farlands VR.

Download Farlands VR for the Oculsu Rift today.

4 stars