Fated – VR vikings

fated vrHave you been watching Vikings on TV? If not you should, it’s a great series. If you haven’t but still enjoy the Viking era then FATED: The Silent Oath is a game you should play.

This isn’t your average move and shoot VR game in fact this is a first person story driven game that has you, Ulfer, a common Viking villager as the main protagonist. You’ve lost your memory but thankfully still remember how to communicate. Communication in FATED is through a series of nods or shakes of the head which is actually a very immersive way to experience virtual reality.

VR Vikings game

The overall goal for the series is to save your family and village from the old giants. Like many other VR games you have to solve puzzles and clues, most of which are reliant on you matching symbols. Fated however is a series of games so although you may be able to complete the first release – The Silent Oath – there’s certainly more to come.

Overall the cartoony graphics are colourful and fun and work well the games dynamics. The voice-overs can get a bit grating at times but after a while you simply get used to them. The good news for those prone to VR nausea is that the developers focused on comfort and limited any motion sickness you may encounter.

fated vr game

This is a certainly a title for those who enjoy animated story-based games and although it has limited gameplay its well worth a play.

Fated has been released for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Check out the official FATED site for more information.

Recommended set up – Windows 7, Intel i5-4590, 8 GB RAM,NVIDIA GTX 970

4 stars