Final Approach VR – review

final approach vrFinal Approach from developers Phase Lock Interactive, looks like it’s going to be real cracker of a game. You may have seen a number of real-time-strategy (RTS) games launched on your mobile device (such as Flight Control), where it’s your role to guide planes so they land safely. Final Approach takes airport management to the next level and it certainly play to the strengths of virtual technology.

Final Approach will be released next month, falling in line with the launch of VR headsets such as the Rift and Vive. Don’t expect a simple management game, it will be a lot more complex than that. There will be various skills you’ll need to teach pilots as well as numerous mini-games (such as acting in the battle of Midway) to keep the action varied and challenging.

Final Approach virtual reality

final approach graphicThe game’s main premise is that you are an air traffic controller positioned in the middle of an island. You have to guide planes and helicopters successfully to the landing strip by pointing to a plane with a virtual fnger and dragging it to the correct place.

The graphics are colourful and fantastic and detailing highly impressive. The soundtrack for Final Approach is also atmospheric and works well in the environment in which you play. This is certainly one game title you’ll want to showcase to your jealous friends.

Check out the trailer below or to download Final Approach VR see STEAM.

4 stars