Five of the best AR apps

Certain industry experts believe that augmented reality has the lead on virtual reality when it comes to recent innovation, investment and development. In reality VR is focused on gaming (there are exceptions) however augmented reality can be used in a number of sectors from art and entertainment though to education. Check out the following five AR apps that The Reality Sandwich team have reviewed.


4 star ratingLAYAR

This is a very clever app that layers content and brings to life traditional printed materials. So how does it work? Well next time you see a page that has the Layar icon simply scan it with your smartphone and you immediately get to see various points of interest such as pubs or restaurants. This is a free app and one that looks like it will grow in popularity.



ar basketball

3 star ratingAR BASKETBALL

Simple and addictive are the two words we would use to describe AR Basketball. If you have a few minutes to kill and want a bit of fun then this app is a good choice. ‘Flicking’ games such as Paper Toss were always pretty popular and now you can turn actual the game on the screen into real life. Simply chose a marker in your current vicinity, you’re then given a virtual reality ball, shown a hoop and you have get your ball into it.



mybrana app

4 star ratingMYBRANA

The creation and sharing of video has grown year on year with multiple productive apps available for your smartphone. As such it shouldn’t come as any surprise that some smart devil came up with Mybrana. The Mybrana augmented app is a great piece of software for those who are looking to get creative with their filming. What does it do exactly? Well it enables you to make short videos and add cheeky little bits of animations (aka branas) to the film. So one minute you could be videoing a dull family picnic and the next minute you could be adding killer robots to the scene. You do get some basic branas for free and there’s a great collection for purchase if you get into it.



3 star ratingANATOMY3D

If you had to pick one science class at school that was fairly entertaining then it would likely be biology. Both kids and adults are both mesmerised by the human body and how it works; and thanks to Anatomy 3D it can now be brought to life. This a free educational app that enables you to see the human body in all its three dimensional awesomeneess. It works by using printable images to bring ordinary anatomy images to life. The education sector is bound to plough investment into augmented reality and this is a great starter app.





3 star ratingSTAR WALK

Are we alone? Chances are probably not but now at your disposal you can check space for yourself thanks to the Start walk AR app. All you need to do is point it at the stars and watch the magic happen. First of all Star Walk will give you abundant information on the stars and planets within your field of view. Also if you think you’re a bit of a Patrick Moore wannabe and want to locate a constellation of your choice again tell the Star Walk app and it will find it for you.

All the above AR apps can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

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