Flying Aces VR – review

There are quite a large number of virtual reality flying shooter games, most of them are normally held in space. However this time round we’ve reviewed on that takes place in the skies over Germany during the First World War – let us introduce you to Flying Aces VR.

flying acesIf you like your arcade action to based in the vintage era then Flying Aces VR is sure to tick all the right boxes. Once loaded up and you’ve donned your Oculus headset you have a number of missions to choose from.

Flying Aces VR gameplay

Gameplay is fairly simplistic in its set up. You use the left thumbstick to control the pitch and bank of the plane whilst the right thumbstick controls the rudder. The controller buttons sort out your speed. Up, up and away you go. Overall don’t expect award winning graphic however it does achieve 75 frames per second so it’s fairly smooth. There are various missions you’re meant to take part in from bombing runs to dog-fights – no high tech missiles here, just got old point and short.

This game is intended for use with a high powered VR headset such as the Oculus Rift and a gaming PC. The following minimum requirements to run Flying Aces include Windows 64bit, Oculus runtime.

3 star rating

You can download Flying Aces VR from the likes of Wearevr