Free Virtual Reality Games

There’s an old expression our parents used to tell us “Nothing in life is free”. Well sorry old timers STEAM have blown that philosophy out the water by offering a huge collection of free to play VR games. These freebies are generally demos or early access games but there are some who offer full games (albeit they tend to lack the longevity of the paid for games).

Best free VR games

It’s not all about the money, by offering up a free game its normally a great way for the developer to get feedback and make important improvements to the final version. We’ve picked out some of our favourite virtual reality games that are currently free on STEAM. We recommend you regularly check out their VR section for ongoing bargains such as seasonal sales but not everything stays free forever so download and don’t miss out.

Coffin dodgers

If you enjoyed Mario Kart but instead of Bowser you want a granny and instead of a red shell you choose a walking stick then Coffin Dodgers is for you. Zip around various tracks with the aim of taking out the other old folk. The game is fast paced with a fun soundtrack and well polished in its execution. Available for the Rift and Vive. Download the game for free from STEAM.


This is a great virtual reality game if you’re the type of person who struggles to make a decision. There are three different minigames to choose from including Goalkeeper simulator, where you have to defend the goal with massive hands and Drone Fight which pits you against SW-esque type enemies. Currently available for the Rift its great fun so download it today.

Trials on Tatooine

Trials on Tatooine is certainly one of our favourite free VR demos out there. You find yourself stranded on Tatooine and its mission (albeit a short one) to repair the Millenium Falcon and defend it from Storm Troopers. If you’re a SW fan and have not downloaded this shame on you – do it now. Not only is it free its also seriously good fun. Check out our review of this demo available for the HTC VIVE and go swing your light-sabres.

VR Disc Golf

This game claims to be the first disc golf game with true disc throwing physics and is pretty fun to boot! You’re positioned in a virtual environment where you need to throw your disc, avoid the obstacles and beat your friends (you can play locally with up to 4 players). Bright, futuristic graphics and some great sounds make this a must-try. Download VR Disc Golf from STEAM today.

Waltz of the wizard

We reviewed this game a few weeks back as it was getting some seriously high ratings on STEAM (over 90% V positive!) and for good reason as its great fun. If you ever fancied mixing up Harry Potter with the likes of Disney’s Fantasia you’ll get Waltz of the wizard. Play around with potions and spells to create havoc in your laboratory. The graphics and soundrtack are great and the game mechanics give it longevity. Check out our review on this free game.

Pitch Hit VR

Pitch Hit is a great virtual reality sports game we reviewed last month. Its not complicated. You are given a baseball and unlimited baseballs and have to hit targets. These aren’t any normal targets though, you get to smash ming vases, ornate statues and shelves of plates. Lots of VR smashing chaos for the HTC Vive. Check out our review of Pitch Hit.

Free VR movies

Finally we thought we would add a couple of VR movies that are free to download and watch. Highly recommended comes ‘THE ROSE AND I‘ a fantastically immersive animated film about love and loss. In contrast is ‘ABE‘ a horror sci-fi film that features the robot Abe and his disturbing love for you. Both great virtual reality short films now available on STEAM.