Freefly VR headset – review

freefly2Since the end of 2015 the VR market has become increasingly saturated with companies offering VR headsets and its hard to pick out what’s top quality or should just be shelved. So to ensure our visitors receive regular reviews on the latest and greatest virtual reality gadgetry TheRealitySandwich team bought the Freefly VR headset in early May 2016 from Amazon.
The headset arrived in timely fashion and was extremely well packaged in a hardshell protective zipped case. We’ve tried quite a number of headsets now so getting started with the Freefly was no problem, however they did provide the various instruction manuals required. In addition to the headset there was also a small wireless blue tooth controller the ‘Glide’ that can be used for a number of different games and a useful cloth cleaner included within the package.

freefly vrOn first inspection the headset looks impressive and certainly futuristic with various straps and the Freefly logo on the phone case. We used an iPhone 6S to test the headset however its clever design means it can hold a wide variety of headsets from the Samsung Galaxy 5 to the iPhone 6 plus (the maximum size is 165 x 90 mm).

Freefly headset test

So what was its performance like? Well firstly lets talk comfort as lets face it you’ll be wearing it for extended periods. Well the good news is that its one of the most light weight headsets and has an extremely comfortable soft leather finish. We’ve got rather big heads (physically that is!) and the Freefly fitted comfortably. When it came to placing the phone into the headset it was fairly straightforward and various foam adjustments can be utilised to keep your phone secure and in place.

freefly vr headsetWe played InMind VR as a the testing game and overall the experience we had was very positive. The headset offers an impressive field of view of 120 degrees so you can immerse yourself into the game. We did however find there was a little light leakage at the top but nothing that ruined the experience.

Now to be fair when we passed the headset to another colleague who was short-sighted it became problematic. The main issue with the Freefly is the fact the lenses are themselves fixed and cannot be calibrated or adjusted – obviously an issue with people who wear glasses.

That said if you’re after a VR headset that looks smart, feels comfortable and provides a great field of view then the Freefly is a solid performer and certainly worth investing in.

Buy the Freefly VR headset today from Amazon from £45.

Check out the FREEFLY website for more product info.

4 stars



Please note that in the interest of transparency we bought this VR headset with a promocode