Galactica – world’s first VR rollercoaster

If there’s one way to open up virtual reality to a mass market its by way of getting it into theme parks. This is exactly what the guys at Alton Towers are planning to do. Later this month GALACTICA is going to be launched. What is this exotic science fiction sounding creation we hear you ask?

galactica rollercoasterWell Galatica is the world’s first rollercoaster purely dedicated to virtual reality. Riders will be transformed into astronauts experiencing the sensation of space travel and the G force that is exerted in a rocket launch; riders can expect to experience 3.5G’s at 75 kmph.

VR rollercoaster

The roller coaster track will be almost 3,000 feet in length and you’ll ride it in a prone position to recreate the feeling of flying. Importantly to create the realism required all the twists and turns on the actual roller coaster synch perfectly with the VR film that’s shown on each rider’s headset.

The implementation of this technology could easily be a game changer in the amusement park sector and we for one are very eager to trial this out. Although Galactica will only last for 3 minutes we reckon it will be 3 minutes you won’t forget in a hurry.

Book your space like today on the Galactica site.