Galaxy VR Space Shooter – review

galaxy vr shooterIts very hard to compare a basic VR headset game using your smart phone and one played on an Oculus Rift using your PC. Generally the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will always beat the mobile across graphics, immersion, sound etc. However virtual reality mobile gaming fans will be pleased to hear that a game is now available that certainly closes the gap between the two – let us introduce you to GALAXY VR SPACE SHOOTER.

Just be looking at the graphics (an admirable 60 FPS) and watching the trailer below you can immediately tell that this game is leap and bounds above a standard mobile game. First of all its important to point out that you will need a controller with at least 3 buttons as well as your head set.

As you can probably guess this VR game takes the perspective of a FPS and the action either takes place from the comfort of your spaceship cockpit or when you are walking around a planet. There are a number of game modes to choose from including the intense dogfights and one where you need to steer your ship around a series of pipes.

One of the best VR mobile games

galaxy shooter The developers have achieved a good depth of realism with this game and after a little while of playing you do feel like you are immersed in the action. The game realistically tracks your head (uses both compass and gyro) which means it feels like your using a top of the range headset. There are also a number of different layouts/ tracking options so customisation isn’t an issue.

The graphics are ace and the soundtrack is also well placed for this techno/futuristic game.

Just check out some of the official quotes from Google Play ..

“Absolutely fantastic, this is what a VR game on cardboard should be like!”.
“Your search is over This is the quality vr experience you’ve been looking for. Without question, it is a diamond amongst the rough”.
“Best combat sim out at the moment I’ve tried LOTS of mobile VR space combat sims of late and this is by far the best”.

Galaxy VR Space Shooter is a bit of a no-brainer and gets our top rated game score. Well done Silicon Droid.

Download it today from STEAM or visit the developers site.

five star rating