GermBuster Vr review

germbuster GermBuster VR is a great new shooter game by Realiteer Corp designed for Google Cardboard. It’s one of the first ever games on the market to use body motion-based input for a great virtual reality experience. The premise of the game is that you are placed into a virtual world where just like Mr Muscle its your task to eliminate all those nasty germs. So what do you have to destroy these perpetrators – an uzi? an axe? Well both would be pretty useless against germs, instead you’ve got a virtual bubble gun!  Like other VR shooters you have to survive wave after wave of these critters, dodging slime, cleaning up your house and trying to beat your previous high score.

Germbuster is a free app and uses the RealControl system on the GoogleCardboard in order to track your virtual gun. The great thing about RealControl is that you can either build it yourself or if you just want to get cracking buy  it from The graphics are bright and colourful and game play is spot on. Really its just a matter of time before other apps start to use the RealControl system and we look forward to it.

4 star ratingapp store