Ghost Vector VR preview

ghost vector siteThe Sci-Fi world is certainly loving all the attention being thrown at it by the virtual reality industry. As most of our readers know Virtual Reality is perfect for this type of game due to the floaty and atmospheric feeling you can experience. The latest news is the new project by Thomas Kadlec – Ghost Vector. He is going it alone so it’s a massive, ambitious project from this veteran. You may have come across Kadlec before as he was originally involved with ‘Pinball Labs’. The premise behind Ghost Vector is that you are the sole survivor of a space accident leaving you floating around, so its your job to get the space ship back up and running in order to meet up with the rest of the fleet.

The game does have a survival feel to it as you’ll need to investigate and search for much needed resources that you get from mining and salvage operations. The ship is controlled by HCC or ‘Holographic Command Console’ located on the bridge of the vessel which is operated by voice commands. As Kadlec is currently working by himself Ghost Vector is certainly going to take some time to complete but judging by the various images (and teaser video below) it looks like it could be a real winner.

4 star rating

Keep your eyes peeled on the official Ghost Vector site which includes updates and other trailers of Kadlec’s work.